Baul Mystics…

The Bauls are called Bauls because they are mad people. The word ‘Baul’ comes from the Sanskrit root VATUL. It means: mad, affected by wind. The Baul belongs to no religion. He is neither Hindu nor Mohammedan nor Christian nor Buddhist. He is a simple human being. His rebellion is total. He does not belong to anybody; he only belongs to himself. He lives in a no man’s land: no country is his, no religion is his, no scripture is his.

Bauls have nothing — no scripture, not even to burn; no church, no temple, no mosque — nothing whatsoever. A Baul is a man always on the road. He has no house, no abode. God is his only abode, and the whole sky is his shelter. He possesses nothing except a poor man’s quilt, a small, hand-made one-stringed instrument called AEKTARA, and a small drum, a kettle-drum. That’s all that he possesses. He possesses only a musical instrument and a drum. He plays with one hand on the instrument and he goes on beating the drum with the other. The drum hangs by the side of his body, and he dances. That is all of his religion.
Dance is his religion; singing is his worship.
– The Beloved, Vol 1, Chapter #1

The Bauls say that life is not a creation of something new, it is just unfoldment. You already have it; it just has to be unfolded, barriers just have to be removed. Obstacles just have to be put aside and your life starts unfolding. You are like a bud: when obstacles are no more there, you start flowering, your lotus opens.
– The Beloved, Vol 2, Chapter #1

The methods of the Bauls are very simple. They say that if you can dance, many blocks will disappear from your being — because when a person dances and really moves into dance, and becomes movement, then he becomes liquid. Have you not seen it? If you have seen somebody lost in dancing, can’t you see it? that he is no longer solid? He is flowing. The solidity is gone; he has become liquid. This liquidity melts the blocks. So dancing is the Yoga of the Baul; he dances for hours together. When the moon is in the sky in the night, the Bauls will dance the whole night — because for them the moon is a symbol of their Beloved, Krishna. They call Krishna ‘the moon’. When the moon is there they will dance, and they will dance madly. And this dance is not a performance. It is not for somebody else to see. If somebody sees it and watches, that’s another thing. The Baul dances for himself, for his own pleasure.
– The Beloved, Vol 2, Chapter #1

Bauls have been very extraordinary people. The word BAUL means MAD. Bauls were mad mystics. They have talked in all sorts of paradoxes; but very beautiful. They are not philosophers, they are mad poets. They are not proposing any logical thing, rather on the contrary ‘they are trying to show you something through paradox.
– Tao: The Three Treasures, Vol 4, Chapter #2

Bauls were great mystics of such beauty and depth that people started thinking that they were mad. So the literal meaning of the word “baul” is mad; it means: the mad mystic. Their whole life was so utterly different, so radically different from the ordinary life, that naturally they looked mad. They danced, they sang, they moved like madmen, traveling up and down the country singing songs of joy, of celebration. Naturally they looked mad, because in a world of suffering how do you conceive of celebration? In a world where everybody is miserable, the man who is dancing and has laughter in his soul looks simply out of place, outlandish, mad, stoned, not in his senses. Hence the word “baul” — it means the mad mystic.

Slowly slowly they have disappeared; very few Bauls are still alive. But the glory is gone because this country no more welcomes the real mystic. It still talks about mysticism, in fact talks much about mysticism, but its heart has become materialistic.
– God’s Got a Thing About you, Chapter #13

5 thoughts on “Baul Mystics…

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  2. funfur5

    Dancing as meditation sounds wonderful. The Bauls had it right. One question-what if you can no longer dance?


  3. chetan baghel Post author

    There are so many methods of meditation are present, If someone is unable to dance(means any problems in legs), He/she can try shouting,laughing and shaking hands…
    Understand the basic idea is behind this meditation is, we have to spread the sex energy(which always present at ‘muladhar chakra’ i.e. behind our reproductive organs)….We have to spread all of that energy to different parts of body so that we can reach in a meditative state of mind i.e. calm and relaxed…


    1. funfur5

      I understand. There is also the more traditional Buddhist way of sitting and beginning your meditation in an already relaxed state. How does this manner shake up the sexual organs? By “sex energy”, are you referring to the Kundalini energy I’ve heard about?


  4. chetan baghel Post author

    Yes, Basically sex energy is a type or a just a part of kundalini energy or 7 points energy or 7 chakra’s energy.
    Sex energy comes from mool-adhar chakra (which is the first energy point of our body). It is consider that all daily work energy is a consumption or sex energy (see when you do a lot of work and get tired, you don’t feel sexual, lust doesn’t bothers)…
    And the kundalini energy you are talking about, they are needed to be awakened (some of it, is already awakened) By different technique for spiritual uplift…
    But today, people’s life get more complicated that they are always in stress and indulge with thoughts,( sometimes they cannot do it easily in buddhist way) so they need dynamic meditation.
    dynamic means effort full and meditation means effort less…
    And dancing and then become stable and relaxed is a type of dynamic meditation…
    sorry for my weak english …

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